Refinance and Home Equity Loans

Lenders greatly benefit from the insurance and services that eTitle Insurance Agency provides to them. If you are refinancing your home loan to benefit from a lower rate and payment, a shorter term, or to pull cash out for home improvements, your lender will likely require a title company be involved with the closing.

Along with simplified closing fees, eTitle Insurance Agency offers competitive title insurance rates from some of the title industry’s top underwriters. Many borrowers can benefit from less expensive title insurance rates including possible reissue rate discounts as high as 40%.

In addition to fast and accurate quotes for title and escrow services, eTitle Insurance Agency works with lenders so they know the ownership history, liens, encumbrances and restrictions of the real estate.

Borrowers benefit from the knowledge and experience of our title and escrow staff. Our title searches are done locally and our work benefits the local economy. We have several offices throughout Utah and we have a reputation of going the extra mile to accommodate our clients.

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