Title & Closing Dept

Title Services

eTitle takes pride in and is committed to providing reliable, consistent title insurance products for all your real estate needs.  Your title policy is guaranteed by our underwriters, which are secure and stable.

Providing comprehensive title insurance products guarantees your investment is protected from title claims and brings peace of mind that your investment is secure and protected from liens, claims and other title defects.  Our licensed title examination team is some of the best in the business and is commited to providing a quality product that is accurate and timely to our customers.  Order your title product by clicking here

Closing Services

 etitle home closing services

eTitle employs licensed escrow officers who know the importance of efficient, accurate and timely closings.  They are committed to making sure the transactions are completed efficiently.  They understand that facilitating the closing and completing the transaction, free of errors, is of high importance and is expected.  On average our escrow officers have 10 years or more of experience in escrow services.  Closing your transaction, recording the documents and disbursing the file efficiently and accurately is not the exception it is way we do business.

eTitle is committed to providing title and escrow services that meet our customer demands for accurate and reliable processing and quality products.